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The Dutch singer-songwriter, model, actor and tattoo artist is back and again manages to hit right in the feels with the first of five tracks from the brand new EP: powerful yet fragile, he delivers a deep cut with 'Weight of the World', reflecting on the overwhelming challenges the world confronts us with everyday.

The EP is produced by Australian neo-soul artist James Chatburn, who managed to find a delicate balance between pureness and honest intimacy while creating a pop appeal that allows to sing along on every track. After the stripped down ‘Crossroads EP’, released 2022 via Humming records, had a completely acoustic production by indie legend Fink, this new sound feels a lot more playful. ‘Weight of the World’ starts with a beautiful acoustic guitar that could be the beginning of a Jose Gonzales song, before Ferdinand’s voice comes in with a line that makes your heart ache and already gives you a sense that this is going to be an emotional ride of a tune:

' Let's throw away all excess weight, so we can get higher.

Collect the things that mean too much, and set them on fire. '

The EP was produced and written in James Chatburn’s Berlin studio and Ferdinand’s new home in Antwerpen, Belgium, where the jack of all trades moved in 2021 into a completely run-down Victorian city house that he renovated all by himself, the studio obviously being the first room he completed. Now he regularly welcomes songwriters from all over Europe to work in this little creative space and has worked with artists like Graham Candy, Fink, Eric Allcock or Dillistone in the past. Besides his musical career, Tomas has started establishing as a tattoo artist and is working as an actor – it never gets boring in this young man’s life and you can hear that in this beautiful piece of music, the upcoming ‘Weakdays EP’.

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