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Bulgarian Cartrader releases his debut single ‘No other drug’, announcing his eclectic LP ‘Motor Songs’

After two years of experimenting in his Berlin studio, teaching himself the art of production, and creating literally hundreds of song ideas, Sofia born artist Bulgarian Cartrader finally gives birth to the first single of his ten-track debut LP ‘Motor Songs’.


The charmer that is called ‘No Other Drug’ opens with vocals that sound somewhere between John Lennon and Prince on top of an innocent acoustic guitar. The falsetto vocals in the uplifting chorus are carried by rumbling drums and quirky synths playing super catchy melodies to complete the infectious composition.


The track, just as the rest of the album, was mixed by Steve Sedgwick, who mixed the most recent albums by Gorillaz – no surprise, as Stoyanov is counting Damon Albarn to his influences besides acts like LCD Soundsystem or Toro Y Moi.

Cartrader's thoughts on the tune:

"It's me strumming my old guitar in a room with wood paneling, sitting right next to a portrait of Willy Nelson and then - chabang - the hook comes and i see my forever girl surrounded by 359 lucky cats waving."

After moving to Germany with his family in the nineties, BCT worked as a studio musician, background singer and salsa dancer - always driven by his passion for sounds, melodies, old cars and a phone in his pocket that hasn´t rung for three years. Follow him, pursuing his dream of waving the Bulgarian flag on every big festival around the world, sweating in that magical sheepskin coat that his granduncle Ivan gave to him. 

release date: 3rd of December | label: ST.VLADIMIR

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