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Tomas Ferdinand | Liquorice

rel. 03 / 04 / 2022

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With his new EP „Lover, I’m down for it“ that will be released in May 2022, Tomas Ferdinand, up to this release known as ferdinant., is now going  back to his musical influences, exploring the core of his creativity and coming back to his real name. The Dutch native allows his authentic core and fragile truth to blossom within these new songs as his personal feeling and truth really touch by its honesty. 

More than ever, Ferdinand is able to present his songwriting skills beyond big production and without hiding behind any gimmicks. Reflecting on the EP, he shows the vulnerability that lies in his music:

"This record is a reflection of what I went through in my past relationship. We were in love, -deeply-  But we were troubled. At first you start of with a fire, but we got challenged by a lot of factors. Some internal, some external.

At some point we lost track of that fire, and fell out of synch. Then you fight. And sometimes fighting is enough, this time it wasn’t. It’s a hard thing to realise that you don’t make someone happy in the end. Relationships can be complicated. And in this record I try to explore how it went right, and went wrong. It’s an exploration without ulterior motives.


With this EP, I tried to explore the puristic style of songwriting and production. No gimmicks, no tricks but Honesty in songwriting and sounds."

The four tracks were recorded and produced by indie veteran Fin Greenall aka Fink in his Berlin based studio. The UK musician has always been a massive influence for Tomas, his track “Honesty” was even the first ever song Tomas played on the guitar. With the new sound, they managed to extract the essence of Ferdinand’s songwriting in all its clarity. The instrumentation is very minimalistic, mostly acoustic with tasteful Rhodes and synth elements added. There are almost no drums on the record and Tomas' sensitive, nuanced voice has all the space for expression. 

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