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Tomas Ferdinand | Crossroads

rel. 21st of January

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With his new EP „Lover, I’m down for it“ that will be released in May 2022, Tomas Ferdinand, up to this release known as ferdinant., is now going  back to his musical influences, exploring the core of his creativity and coming back to his real name. Next to his origin, the Dutch native, allows his authentic core and fragile truth to blossom within these new releases as his personal feeling and truth really touches the audience by its honesty. 

The first single Crossroads shows Tomas' songwriting skills in a very beyond big production and without any gimmicks. Reflecting on the song, he shows the vulnerability that lies in his music:

"Connections come at funny times - being on top of the world can make you receptive in a different way than feeling blue. At a time where I felt lost there was a very special person that took my hand and showed me a new path. I was saved. Maybe she did, or maybe I was finally ready to open up. It was warm, it was magical and ‚Crossroads' was the result."

The four tracks were recorded and produced by indie veteran Fink in his Berlin studio. The UK musician has always been a massive influence for Tomas, his track “Honesty” was even the first ever song Tomas played on the guitar. With the new sound, they managed to extract the essence of Ferdinand’s songwriting in all its clarity. The instrumentation is very minimalistic, mostly acoustic with tasteful Rhodes and synth elements added. There are almost no drums on the record and Tomas' sensitive, nuanced voice has all the space for expression. 

"To me it’s important to realise that we sometimes self sabotage. When we do, the hardest thing is to admit your own flaws to yourself.  It was one of the most rewarding things I’ve done. I wish everyone could experience it, or has the courage to go for it when they get the chance."

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