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VERBOTEN BERLIN - press pic 2022-02 hi-res.jpg

Artist: Verboten Berlin X LOHRE

Song: Stop Explaining

Date: December, 2nd 2022

Label: ST.VLADIMIR / LC 95658

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Verboten Berlin” is a project by Berlin-based musician AF, combining his Neo Kraut DNA with Berlin's eclectic Club Culture and his desire of composing and songwriting.

A personal collaborative playground, Verboten Berlin aims to share the process, working with a wide range of artists in the electronic scene. VBs tracks have been remixed and featured by artists such as: Booka Shade, Dario Lessing, Running Touch, Rodriguez Jr., Tube & Berger, Monkey Safari, Aparde, Fejka and also received playlist support in several key editorial playlists such as: Electronic Circus, Electronic Rising, New Music Friday, Afterhours etc.

Additionally, VB's release "UNDONE" is featured on Spotify's "Low Key Tech" playlist, contributing to the playlist's style over the past two years till today.

With the upcoming single "Stop Explaining", Verboten Berlin is moving forward in it’s own right, taking over the work AF and his former partner CT already put in and following the route by finishing what remains to be done. By taking a nine-month break to focus on creating and defining the next upcoming releases, AF once more shared the creation process for “Stop Explaining” with a good friend and explains:

"'Stop Explaining' is just a personal message we send from our perspectives, our places, our studios, our relationships, our worlds we live in. Basically, it's an offer to friends.

'Embracing differences and enjoying them.'


The absence of an explanation is fine sometimes. Speaking in words that don't adequately describe what's being said can be really hurtful. This track represents a framed moment, and I’m very happy to have shared and created it with Lorenzo (LOHRE) in a late summers night near Rome.

'...created in a late summers night near Rome.' 

Our only wish is for people to decide for themselves: To let go with the beat or to move with the lyrics and harmony, to do both, or to ignore it altogether”

The track opens with an organic breakbeat, and quickly unfolds its Melodic/Tech House DNA, accompanied by a dark but definite piano, introducing a rhythmically upfront and fragile falsetto vocal. Electronic, spacey Toms prepare for the first chorus of haunting percussion, warm bass, and eclectic, classical strings that cut through the main melody and lyrics. The track breaks into a deep and wide atmosphere based on a heavy bassdrum and a driving Moog. The background for euphoric, still melancholic string movements is provided by an oboe-like syntheziser and responding vocals. The track's signature synth chords culminate in a strong deep house note after a driving Breakbeat Chorus to hit the tracks final peak and dancefloor-ready conclusion.

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