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VERBOTEN BERLIN - press pic 2022-04 hi-res.jpg

Artist: Verboten Berlin

Song: Maureen
Date:  Sept 22, 23

Label: ST.VLADIMIR / LC 95658

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GENRE: Deep House, Electronic House, Melodic Techno, Electronica, Lowkey Tech

A step to the side. A step back to where we came from – and where we’re headed. Alexander Freund bridges the often unreliable realm of memory with the knowledge of what belongs to him and to us. Amidst life's intense emotions, among the enduring feelings of love and family, friends have their place. Friendship is a salient topic in our society, especially when reflecting on contemporary views of open family structures and the role of the individual.


"This isn't about one specific relationship. It's about a general emotion, a fusion of every person and experience that has supported me over time. The friends I currently have, and those I've lost. As life changes, so do friendships. Relationships transition from intense closeness to novel viewpoints, and sadly, too often, to the loss of connection. It feels like we cut ties too swiftly, especially when our attention is diverted elsewhere in our quest to stand in for our selves. Sometimes it's overwhelming, other times it feels like losing a part of our heritage. I believe that in our later years, moments like these will lead to introspection. Should we have kept closer ties? Here's my take: When I lost connection with my roots, I couldn't offer the stability my friends deserved, and the same was true the other way around. It also touches upon forgiveness. I've been let down and I've disappointed others. The precise details escape me; it’s nearly impossible to know what made things go wrong or elsewhere. Words are insufficient; only feelings can encapsulate the depth. The situation is both complex and simple."

The track conveys a truth that's hard to articulate. Though the lyrics carry weight, the tune itself maintains a light, flowing rhythm. It begins with an arpeggio synth, settling into an analog eclectic beat. The rapid, narrative vocals toe the line between spoken word and song, exuding a palpable authenticity: "There's nothing you've done wrong – I just don't know where I’m from."


"To me, pairing this subject with a hopeful, even euphoric, sound and ending felt appropriate. The energy in the melody reflects this sentiment. Ultimately, everything is okay. We can't always get things right, and pursuit is an integral part of life."


Choirs mark the track's conclusion, emphasizing a collective bond. No one is truly isolated in this journey. It represents just one among the myriad challenges we face.


"Maybe this track will move you to touch base with an old school friend. Or perhaps it'll stir gratitude for the emotional support you've received on your path. Friendship shares ties with love. So, was this experience about you, me, or someone else?“


Verboten Berlin represents Alexander Freund's foray into electronic music, a space for collaboration and introspection. The project seamlessly blends the multifaceted Berlin Club Culture with his Krautrock origins. With his background in composition and production, Freund continues to be deeply tethered to the traditions of studios, musical instruments, and the craft of writing. The track represents a distinct departure in his work, shifting his output from predominantly club-oriented vibes to the broader realm of electronic songwriting.

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