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VERBOTEN BERLIN - press pic 2022-04 hi-res.jpg

Artist: Verboten Berlin

Song: You Said No
Date:  Dec 15, 23

Label: ST.VLADIMIR / LC 95658

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GENRE: Deep House, Electronic House, Melodic Techno, Electronica, Lowkey Tech

"Verboten Berlin" is a creative endeavor by Berlin-based musician Alexander Freund. This project blends Freund's Neo-Kraut heritage with the diverse club culture of Berlin, underscoring his passion for composing and songwriting.Serving as a collaborative platform, Verboten Berlin engages with a plethora of artists from the electronic music scene.


“You Said No” marks the culminating release of a year brimming with anticipation, leading up to an album scheduled for 2024. This track represents a fusion of the project's organic roots and the ongoing quest to align personal narratives with the evolving collaborative framework of the project.


Co-written and produced with Matthias Biermann, "You Said No" offers a glimpse into future works. The track is nurtured from inception to final form, maintaining the authenticity of its beatboxed core.

The song explores the paradox of the word "no" — a symbol of both relief and limitation. It acknowledges the freedom in understanding, whether in relationships or other life aspects. "No" signifies an end and a beginning, creating a boundary yet also opening new horizons. This track delves into the liberation embedded in this realization, hinting at unknown futures. It's a metaphorical walk in the dark, with the promise of dawn not far off. Matthias Biermann's contribution to this piece has been invaluable, adding the precise level of consciousness needed to convey the origin of the emotion.


The track begins with its core beatboxed rhythm, enveloped in atmospheric depth. It quickly aligns with the resonating mantra: "No." As the song progresses, awareness of the unfolding narrative — "You said no" — grows. Accompanied by a powerful bassline, the track evolves into rhythmic chord stacks, leading to a harmonious blend of beats and melodies. It reaches a climactic point with a celestial call to "Keep On - You wanna let it go. Just trying to let it go," culminating in the final beat and the open landscapes of an unillusioned truth: Life goes on.

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