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VERBOTEN BERLIN - press pic 2022-01 hi-res.jpg

Artist: Verboten Berlin

Song: How Can I Trust

Date:  Mar 31

Label: ST.VLADIMIR / LC 95658

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GENRE: Deep House, Electronic House, Melodic Techno, Electronica, Lowkey Tech

#1,5 mio views on the 3 studio vids so far
#including the upcomi
ng single How Can I Trust
#hundreds of comments begging for the tune to be released
15k likes <3
16% follower growth in 2023 on Insta to 34k
#6% follower growth on Spotify in 2023 to 7,8k
#How Can I Trust video supported by DJ Mag Spain

Spotify Followers.jpg
Instagram Followers.jpg to the fun part:

“Verboten Berlin” is a project by Berlin-based musician AF, combining his Neo Kraut DNA and analog feels with Berlin's eclectic Club Culture and his desire for composing and songwriting.

A personal collaborative playground, Verboten Berlin aims to share the process, working with a wide range of artists in the electronic scene. VB's tracks have been remixed and featured by artists such as Booka Shade, Dario Lessing, Running Touch, Rodriguez Jr., Tube & Berger, Monkey Safari, Aparde, and Fejka, and more.

“How Can I Trust” marks a key moment in my creative process of the past two years, giving the following tracks a clear direction. Building on the basis of communication (the predecessors "Stop Explaining" & "Keep it To Yourself"), the question of trust itself is a pillar of the whole upcoming body of work to follow.

Exploring the complexities of trust and the challenges of freedom, as well as the uncertainty and doubts that arise along the way, "How Can I Trust" seems to be a question I ask myself - but the truth is, I'm asking „us“...each individual of us. A lot of common answers are just giving "easy to follow" truths (Feeling, Knowing, Instincts, Past, Future...), but that can't be real. There seems to be a general breach of trust at the time, and I think it's more complex and easier at the same time: It’s each one of us, who has to answer. This is why I stuck to the "I" instead of "us". And believe me - I don't know anything about it, but it's my wound, too. Though, respect seems to be a good start.

The track is a mixture of my physical need to push things forward and let them stroll away at the same time. Coming from the cello as a kid, I had some classical feels for the topic, but chose to let these evolve as some kind of harmonic depth at specific parts, trying to stand back a little behind the topic and not make it a cliché of its own. The driving rhythms are building the track's intro with the counterpoint piano - giving space to question "How Can I Trust" itself. In general, the track is meant to stand strong as a human hands build - carrying all these elements of "played music." That's something I believe in, that's something I can honestly trust - combined with the stability of a straight melodic tech thing. Because that's what trust needs: stability - or perhaps, that's what trust needs most.

About the video:
From being a musician in a track to becoming a moment in the track itself - that’s always been my aproach. This isn’t about perfection or being able to do whatever. It is about the connection to it. Getting some kind of holistic in it. My whole setup follows that idea of a moment, when “it” becomes a whole. Alone or together with others. And this is what I show in the video.

Since posting the 1:30 min performance video on instagram the account gained 2300 new Followers, getting organic support from ones like DjMagSpain, MelodicDeep Amsterdam etc.. in the following it became the leading campaign video to a shortly after sold out Show at Säälchen Berlin, 10 of March.

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