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Singer, Songwriter, Tattoo Artist, Model, Actor


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Tomas Ferdinand

Tomas found his passion for music in an old guitar he had found in Portugal. It was his father’s instrument, who used to be a busker and had moved to Portugal earlier in his life. After a long stint in theatre school back home in The Hague, he slowly found his voice and began to write ditties and small ideas for songs. Travelling around the world for modelling jobs, often being alone in a cold and superficial surrounding, he found solace in his songwriting.

With a love for classical and cinematic music, the melodramatic soul of the musician emerged, and he finally made a move to Berlin to leave the modeling and acting world and put all into his music and art.

Already while producing this beautiful, folky and subtly epic debut EP in the Famous Gold Watch Studios, Tomas set foot in the Berlin music scene and started writing with some of the top songwriters in town like Graham Candy (Alle Farben, Parov Stellar…), Eric Alcock (P!nk, Eminem, Celine Dion…), Daniel Schaub (Casper, Michael Patrick Kelly, Clueso, Lena…), Dillistone (Nina Chuba) and many more.

During a magical songwriting session in Italy, Tomas worked with Kilian & Jo for the first time and in a wine fueled session and they ended up producing his 2020 5-track EP ‘Airplanes’ which accumulated more than 8 million streams to date.

In 2020, Ferdinand got to know one of his icons in Berlin: indie legend Fink, who straight away saw his potential and invited him to do a songwriting session. After they managed to explore the singer’s authentic core, the produced the four-track EP Lover, I’m down for it, which was released in 2022 via Humming Records.

To date, Tomas has achieved more than 23 million streams across platforms, continuing his journey with the new EP called 'Weak Day', produced by exceptional producer and artist James Chatburn.

Artist Releases

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