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Artist: Tomas Ferdinand

Song: Work Song (Hozier Cover)

Date: November 25th, 2022

Label: ST.VLADIMIR / LC 95658

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In 2021, Tomas took on a new life project: he moved into a completely run-down house in the heart of Antwerp that he started renovating all by himself. During that time, he had just finished producing his last EP ‘Lover I’m Down For It’ with indie legend Fink in Berlin, up until the now city where he wrote and recorded all of his projects that gained him more than 18 million streams in only three years.


"I had so much fun exploring the sounds of my new house. Using instruments that were here to interpret songs that I love or songs that accompanied me while moving here was awesome. It was challenging to produce myself and at times I missed the feedback loop you have while working with a producer. Covers to me is about finding the the right fit of a song for my voice and exploring the possibilities of abstraction, or reharmonizing chords. I had a great time finding these songs and I hope you will while listening to them."


Moving to Antwerp opened up a new chapter for the professional tattoo artist, songwriter, model and actor. The first room he had finished in his new home was the studio and the first track he recorded there was ‘Work Song’ by Hozier. Tomas was never a producer but with his ambitious mind and a never-ending hunger to explore, he started teaching himself how to produce and the first result is this EP consisting of four cover versions of songs that followed him around through his journey leading to the place he is building with his own hands and now calls his home.

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