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Dario Lessing 🌀 SHAMS | Shepherd

rel Jan 21st 2022 | Modern Recordings

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NOTION „haunting vocals, creating an effect that is somewhat reminiscent of James Blake“

C-HEADS „balm for the soul”“

COMPLEX „instinct for sonic landscapes and atmospheric textures

Music Video

Over the last years, Lessings Berlin based studio has become a hub for creative exchange. His ability to catch inspiration right at its point of origin is the foundation of his album Frequency, which features six different vocalists with international backgrounds from the US (Stimulus) to Australia (James Chatburn), New Zealand (Graham Candy), Austria (Rezar) and of course Germany (SHAMS, Mario). The concept of frequency describes the creative development of the songs were created: every person has his or her own frequency they are sending out constantly. When they collide, they influence each other, create new waves and form something new. The result is an album that has a cosmic magic to it and listening feels like being within that creative cave, part of the moment these frequencies fused. At parts ambient, often influenced by hip-hop, avant-pop à la James Blake and classical music, Frequency is an eclectic masterpiece from beginning to end


(C) Constantin Riess

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Listen to Dario Lessing x SHAMS - Shepherd

On Shepherd, Lessing is joined by his sister in spirit SHAMS. During their sessions, they connect not only musically, but also on a metaphyisical level, which manifests in this track's meditative, otherworldly appeal. The 6 minute long piece of music startes with swirrling flutes that immediately pulls the listener under a spell. SHAMS is opening up her most inner soul through her voice, opening the song with spoken words soon joined by a choire sung by Lessing. The following beat, played with such delicate finesse and endlessly varying nuances by Julian Berran, manages to keep the dream-like, calm and somewhat mysterious mood but managing to blend in an almost hip-hop like grove.

In the atmospheric, ambient and playful music video, produced and directed by Sarah Knüpfer (ST.VLADIMIR) and shot on wide fields in scenic landscapes, we see the duo in harmony with nature, spending a day with their sheep, their dog, being at one with themselves.


mgmt: Victor Coridaß (ST.VLADIMIR) | booking: Auf die feine Tour | PR GSA: Community | PR INTL: love by mistake

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