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Nik Dandelion releases new single PACiNG

Aktualisiert: 2. Aug. 2023

The 3rd single PACiNG, produced in collaboration with James Chatburn, lets Nik Dandelion dive into a world full of curiosities. He tells the story of his breakup from the point of view of the fictitious character appearing on the cover. “Bill’s Friend” is staged in an old motel; he smokes countless cigarettes and paces up and down his room. His regret-filled thoughts drive him to disgust and self-loathing. Lyrically inspired by the absurdity of the series "Rick & Morty" and the trippy sounds of the Connan Mockasin or Soft Hair hits, Nik Dandelion presents the third single from his EP DANDY, coming this July!

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