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Nik Dandelion’s music is as sonorous as his name sounds: the new single ‘AiR’ flatters like a cool summer breeze on a lazy Sunday with its dreamy guitars, playful drum-computer beats and the charming, laid-back vocal performance by the young Berlin based artist.

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 “AiR” is a call to sometimes keep it easy and not always go full throttle, as is sometimes required of us in our meritocracy. An ode to all burnout sufferers and workaholics, just let work be from time to time and take care of yourself a little.


The music video, which sees the singer on a couch with cucumbers on his eyes, aims to embody just that. With a beautifully relaxing melody and retro 808 drum sounds, this feeling is translated into the music and puts the listener in a relaxed state.


Open your hearts and give the “DANDY” EP's first single a spin, it's guaranteed to get you moving to higher frequencies.

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