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04 | 23 | 2021

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01 | 22 | 2020 via


Dutch songwriter ferdinant.`s fourth single out of the upcoming Airplanes EP is a pop anthem which simultaneously awakes feelings of nostalgia and excitement. Written pre-corona in 2019 during a magical songwriting camp on an Italian vineyard hosted by New Zealand native artist Graham Candy, the anthemic pop tune breathes the spirit of euphoric togetherness – a feeling everyone is missing so badly these days.

“To me the song represents a longing for a different time, easier days, but retaining a sense of self-determination, instead of hiding in self-pity. Funny thing that everything is so different now, I never would have thought things could change so drastically. 

     - We’ll get there again, I’m sure!”

ferdinant. has already proven his talent for the big metaphors and his love for pathos, but usually being more intimate and vulnerable, this time he shows an outgoing and loud facet.

In the video, many fellow musicians, friends and family are performing the song - also at the 2019 writing camp, where the song initially was written. The memories and the good times still live on in the music and connect musicians from all over the world who were part of it.



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Dutch artist ferdinant. picked up his dads old guitar in Portugal at 20. Not foreign to moving around he accompanied himself by playing music as he traveled through Europe as a model. Often feeling disconnected he found solace in song. In 2018 he finished theatre school and moved to Berlin. 


While producing his debut EP in the Famous Gold Watch Studios, Tomas set foot in the Berlin music scene and started working with some of the top songwriters in town like Graham Candy (Alle Farben, Parov Stellar…), Eric Alcock (P!nk, Eminem, Celine Dion…), Daniel Schaub (Casper, Michael Patrick Kelly, Clueso, Lena…) and many more.


In May 2020 ferdinant. released his first collab with Danish artist Dillistone - a reflection on male stereotypes regarding male vulnerability. ‘Boys don’t cry’ got featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday, Butter and Summer Chillout and streamed over 350.000 times in it's first two months.


Followed by World full of color, his first solo release with a more pop-leaning sound, reminded of timeless early 2000s / late 90s sounds from Coldplay or U2 - But kept his love for intimate folks melodies present. Wishing the first month the tune was streamed  over 100k times. 

During a writing session in Italy, Tomas met Kilian & Jo, and in a wine-fueled session, the energetic single Golden Days was born. The producer Duo found inspiration and teamed up with ferdinant’ for his upcoming 5-track EP which is set to be released in late 2020.

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