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ferdinant.  Golden Days EP Demos

produced by Kilian & Jo

Tomas Ferdinand Rabbering




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Photos by Henk Otte

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Tomas found his passion for music in his fathers old guitar in Portugal, where his dad had moved as a busker. After a long stint in theatre school back home in The Hague, ferdinant. slowly found his voice and began to write ditties and small ideas for songs. Traveling around the world for modeling jobs, often being alone in a cold and superficial surrounding, he found solace in his songwriting.

With a love for classical and cinematic music, the melodramatic soul of young ferdinant. emerged and he finally made a move to Berlin to leave the modeling and acting world and put all into his music. Berlin is very different from his humble, warming seaside home in the Netherlands, being grey and sometimes isolated, so whilst finding his feet and using his talent, his debut EP was created.

Already while producing this beautiful, folky and subtly epic debut EP in the Famous Gold Watch Studios, Tomas set foot in the Berlin music scene and started writing with some of the top songwriters in town like Graham Candy (Alle Farben, Parov Stellar…), Eric Alcock (P!nk, Eminem, Celine Dion…), Daniel Schaub (Casper, Michael Patrick Kelly, Clueso, Lena…) and many more.

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In May 2020 he released his first collaboration with Danish producer artist Dillistone - a soulful reflection on stereotypes regarding male vulnerability. The tune was featured on Spotify's New Music Friday, Butter and Summer Chillout and streamed more than 350.000 times in it's first two months. 

Followed by World full of color, his first solo release with a more pop-leaning sound, reminding of timeless early 2000s / late 90s sounds from Coldplay or U2 - not forgetting about Tomas' love for singer songwriter and folk music. Only within one month, the tune was streamed 100k plus times. 

During a magical songwriting session in Italy, Tomas worked with Kilian & Jo for the first time and in a wine fueled session, the incredibly energetic single Golden Days was born.



The producer duo saw Tomas’ potential, so they teamed up on the production for his upcoming 5-track EP which is set to be released in late 2020.


...enjoy :)

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