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Better Days EP

focus single: 'Change'

ST.VLADIMIR || 11th of September, 2020


"an indie-leaning track elevated by Lessing's instinct for sonic landscapes and atmospheric textures."

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"It's Rezar's vocals and those piano keys that won me over and I think you guys will enjoy this smooth piece of indie-pop music"

"‘Silence‘ is fragmentary, atmospheric and takes you on a musical journey with airy drums and abstract vocals."

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... and many more

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Dario Lessing is evolving the picture of the typical neo-classic artist by not only relying on his virtuoso talent for beautiful piano pieces, but fusing these talents with his unique sense for atmosphere, songwriting and an incredible energy that makes his output so versatile. He is more than a composer: a producer, curating his own output by finding talented collaborators that help him turn his ideas into contemporary tunes, while sticking to his fondness for classical piano music in the style of Débussy or Johann Sebastian Bach.



The 'Better Days EP' is closing the first chapter of the collaboration with singer Rezar, the vocalist of the electro-pop band NIHILS who have 51million+ Spotify streams to date. The 5 track includes beautifully captivating and moody alternative pop tunes for fans of Apparat, Radiohead and James Blake.
A partnership formed truly by chance, Ramon Riezow aka Rezar stumbled into Lessing's studio, they had a spontaneous jam. With the help of producer Gustav Anders, they managed to create an atmospheric yet grooving and melodic alternative-pop project that revolves around moody piano progressions.

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